Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ilion, New York -My Home Town

This is where I grew up most of my life. I was in Ilion from the third grade and through High School. Ilion is the home to The Remington Arms Factory, as you will see here. The first Remington Rifle was made here as well as the Remington Typewriter. Over the years the factory has gone from employing thousands of people to around 1,000 now. Ilion has changed a lot. No more Main Street. I miss that. The Main Street used to run right through the middle of the two Arms buildings. Now it's all shut off and you have to walk around it to the main section of town. It was quite the bustling village at one time.

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  1. Interesting! We still have a main street that goes through the downtown area with brick road, really! Rogers is about 50,000 and has grown out near the interstate, just like most towns. It seems small and hometown to us. We have lived lots of places with job transfers.