Monday, April 27, 2009

The Henderson House-On Property Of Gruger Mansion

This is a wedding reception that was held at Rostropovich's house in 2005 I think. It was one of the State Troopers that was a caretaker at the Henderson House. My sister, Chris, attended and so did her son, Gavin. That's how she got some of the inside photos, although a lot of the house was closed off at that time. It had been empty for a lot of years. Chris said the the back deck was in disrepair but that was about all she could see wrong with the place.
The new owners book wedding receptions there now and have music concerts in the summer. Quite a difference from the old days! I think the new owners took over in 2007. They had an open house up there. My cousin, Diana, went and took a lot of pics at that time.

Here are the bride and groom coming into the room. I'm not mentioning their names for privacy reasons.

This is so neat that someone would build a tiny house in the middle of that pond!
I wonder if it is still there? My sister took this photo in 2006.

The house was built first and is still occupied by caretakers. One of the New York State Troopers used to be the caretaker and he and his wife were married and had their reception in the other mansion on the property that had been empty for years.
My sister Chris worked at the trooper barracks as a station cleaner so she got to know all of them and was invited to the wedding. She took a lot of these photos. My cousin was up there for an open house last year (2007) and took some photos also.
You can see inside with that wagon wheel light on the ceiling and also the kitchen. There's a barn that goes with the house too. And you can see the old well. What a view from up there!!!

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