Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Manhattans From Ilion In 1963-A Local Band

I made this slide show for everyone after Mimi Mills Hamilton sent Jean Keddell Maneen a copy of their album from 1963. Jean gave me a copy. I cut parts of some songs and added what pictures Mimi had and made this show with them. Added a few animations and a couple old photos from that era to it also. They don't seem to have many pictures from back then. Maybe some of the other guys do. But Mimi and Rob aren't in touch with all of them. Just Tom McClave and Don Tibbitts. They don't have any pictures either. No one has heard from Don Davidson. He's somewhere in CA.
Enjoy this little part of our past!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Ilion Marina-Putts Hill-April 2, 2011

I took a short ride and went down into the Ilion Marina area. It looked so lonely. But soon it will be bustling with people.

Spring is here. Now just waiting for everything to turn green. This was an old farm area at the top of Putts Hill.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scenery From Ilion, NY-Oct. 27, 2009

I went for a ride. So took a few pictures in my home town, Ilion, NY and into Mohawk, the next town over.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Rostropovich Manor

My cousin took these photos in 2007 when they had a tour of that property after the new owners took it over.

Some of these photos were taken by my sister, Chris, in 2006. Some are from the internet.

Rostropovich built the newest mansion but when he went back to Russia, the property remained vacant for well over ten years. Someone has bought it now and might restore the old castle.
Click on all photos to enlarge. Rostropovich has since passed away.

The Henderson House-On Property Of Gruger Mansion

This is a wedding reception that was held at Rostropovich's house in 2005 I think. It was one of the State Troopers that was a caretaker at the Henderson House. My sister, Chris, attended and so did her son, Gavin. That's how she got some of the inside photos, although a lot of the house was closed off at that time. It had been empty for a lot of years. Chris said the the back deck was in disrepair but that was about all she could see wrong with the place.
The new owners book wedding receptions there now and have music concerts in the summer. Quite a difference from the old days! I think the new owners took over in 2007. They had an open house up there. My cousin, Diana, went and took a lot of pics at that time.

Here are the bride and groom coming into the room. I'm not mentioning their names for privacy reasons.

This is so neat that someone would build a tiny house in the middle of that pond!
I wonder if it is still there? My sister took this photo in 2006.

The house was built first and is still occupied by caretakers. One of the New York State Troopers used to be the caretaker and he and his wife were married and had their reception in the other mansion on the property that had been empty for years.
My sister Chris worked at the trooper barracks as a station cleaner so she got to know all of them and was invited to the wedding. She took a lot of these photos. My cousin was up there for an open house last year (2007) and took some photos also.
You can see inside with that wagon wheel light on the ceiling and also the kitchen. There's a barn that goes with the house too. And you can see the old well. What a view from up there!!!

The Remains Of A Castle-Gelston Cruger Mansion

This is an old castle situated in the hills outside of Mohawk, NY. At one time it was a beautiful place. I hope you can read some of the words I have on the collages.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trenton Falls, NY-Photos by my sister Chris

This is an area to the North of me. Beautiful there. They only open this for two weeks out of the year for people to walk the trail. I'm not sure if they open it more than that. I never could walk that trail so my sister would go and take pictures and bring them back to me to see.

Van Hornsville Falls-Turkey Nest With Eggs

My sister, Christine, took these photos just before she passed away from cancer in 2006. Even though she was sick, she'd still go walking in the woods with nature and take great photographs. This is the falls that is deep in the woods there and she came across this Turkey nest with eggs in it. This area is up over the hill from where I live. Near that monastery in the other pictures. I just wanted to share her photos with you all.

Google Earth Shots Over Ilion

I like Google Earth and took these from there of my home town.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Some Local Scenery

Each page is self explanatory. If anyone has a question, feel free to ask.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ilion, New York -My Home Town

This is where I grew up most of my life. I was in Ilion from the third grade and through High School. Ilion is the home to The Remington Arms Factory, as you will see here. The first Remington Rifle was made here as well as the Remington Typewriter. Over the years the factory has gone from employing thousands of people to around 1,000 now. Ilion has changed a lot. No more Main Street. I miss that. The Main Street used to run right through the middle of the two Arms buildings. Now it's all shut off and you have to walk around it to the main section of town. It was quite the bustling village at one time.